Saturday, May 16, 2015

Art Vibration - 381


This photo by  Sharad  Joshi
Practice make man perfect .. this statement  is very fact for our perfection  in our life. Every day we practice for our better life or future from our self energy or vision . it is working  for us . we know it ,  so we are follow to this format about us  in our life , every day or day by day till last day of our life.

Life is run on our earth by energy and energy is coming in  us by food and food is coming for us from farmlands of our earth. So farmland is very must for our human life . today time is very critical some uneducated people are killing to farmland or they are converting to farmland in factory of mask production,  in that case we human are losing to our energy production field . they don’t know without energy of human  how to life will run on earth with other products ? it is a big question to our human family by me . are  you agree with me or not ? 

The farmer blood in  my body because I am belonging to a very historical farming family ( MAD KOTADI PUROHIT Family ) late great father Shri Shivratan Purohit ji  of  my late great grandfather Shri Bulaki Das Purohit ji was designing  farmer’s   in his village MAD ( energy creator machine about life ) from his farming experience . He was gave exercise to juniors and his juniors were got a right farming education from him for next step of life . so I can say his blood is in me because I am grandson of him .i can say for him, he was dictionary of farming language .ha ha 

Last Year Exercise for care to farm clay ...2014 ( natural canvas of myself )
You know last three years to continue I am busy in exercise of farming project work  . I am saying to that natural painting in  my art language  . The farm is in  my view a big canvas and every year I am improving to that canvas surface for better energy production by work of farming . In that case I am caring to clay of our farm land. In last post of this subject on art vibration I shared how to I were cared the clay of our farm land , I were filled  clay in plastic bags and put on boundary of our farm land for stop to clay cutting by rain water. That was exercise by me on action format of army action. In that work  I were used my education of Air wing NCC training. 

Last week I were done one more exercise for  my big canvas and I filled clay in some deep holes of farm land and yesterday I were implemented a new creative idea or I did exercised for care to our farm land clay . that was 15 hours hard exercise by me,  there I were director , idea creator and labor too . For that exercise I were used very cheap medium for low cost about  my pocket , that was not academic idea for farm land care exercise ,   but I were taken risk because I am confident on medium work . yes i were selected plastic net that is light and strong that’s net holes is very small so water can pass but farm clay will stop on boundary  side when rain will come . 

New exercise for care to farm clay  ..2015 ( natural canvas of myself ) This photo by  Narendra Purohit 

I were filled 400 fits farmland boundary side by our farm clay ,so this kind of exercise is very must for care to clay and money too .in visuals  you will see how to in 15 hours exercise I were completed to work of care to farmland clay by a new exercise of creative idea . 

This photo by  Sharad  Joshi
After that hard work  and new exercise today I am confident about farm land clay . the clay will set in farmland and then there to we can produce to more energy about life in form of food corn . 

So I said to it a new exercise …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Art Vibration - 380

Six Lakh Thanks to Google +

Thanks is a very big word of our human society. We educate people are giving thanks to our best supporter of life in every day . first we are thankful for our God , because god was designed this life for us  on our earth  or on our earth the senior’s were designed human society and culture  for better life on earth so we are also thankful for our seniors in our life . our society and culture was gave us respect and supporting culture or the word thanks for better helpers  and supporters  

Thanks is a single  word but its impression or feeling is very big , a one thanks can give  you all kind of payment for  your good help or support . in  my school education time I were read in book of Hindi lesson , a chapter about thanks . that lesson was on subject of real income of life .. yes that income is thanks . the writer of that chapter was wrote when we hire a auto for our station after that we pay rent of that auto to auto driver but that rental cost is not a real income of that auto driver or we are not pay the real payment to him in money format . Actually our feeling full thanks is the real income of that auto driver . we can pay the real payment to him by our thanks and our thanks is his real income after collect the rent of his auto .
 So today that lesson of  my Hindi book is recalling to me for give a real payment to google +  by my feeling full thanks  .

You know in year 2007 I were connected to google online network that time I were created a E mail on gmail . after that I were created  my own blog art vibration in year 2008 that was also online space for  myself art expression through google blogger . 2007 to till 2015  I am continue  with google and google with me , in this online art communication  I were shared  lots of about  myself art journey , and google network was promoted  that and today my art promotion work is on by google .

Google Gmail. Google blogger and google +  online network are always with me and today by this networks six lakh’s  art lovers ,art promoters, art critics, art galleries, art museums, art magazines , art medias , art social networks and artists of our world family have visited and read to me and myself  art journey . it can possible by strong support of google networks on online.

 I can say google team have been gave me a real identity in our world art family as a creative art master from INDIA . they are paying me free space for  my art expression and I am paying to them  my recent art update with creative idea or art works .  I am using the space of google for right communication about art and culture . so this art action of  myself is giving some presence in role of educative work by google . you can say from art side I am member of google team and they are team member of myself art journey. Because they are providing to me some right space for right art communication  of myself art matter to our world art family .

2008 to till 2015  on google or on google + six lakh’s art viewers have visited and reading to  my art update article  and art stories . it is a magical result for my art journey or it can possible  by team of google  so I have a very special feeling for google team , I want to pay to google team in form of thanks  ..but not only one thanks . that  thanks is in six lakhs  form’s from  my heart for google team , google blogger or google + .
So here I said six lakh to google +

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Art Vibration - 379

I was observed two stories  in 20 day's

It was a critical day , I was in hospital with  my family . because we all were  there for care to health of father of my Mother . The Father of  my Mother is 90 years old so his age factor is creating problem for him . on  that day he was in danger condition or we were in hospital with him for recovery of his health . there I was  shared  20 days and every day in evening time I was going to hospital for backup of myself to my family members and I was leaving  hospital in next day after noon , this backup or support action I was  gave continue 20 days was must by me  because when I take commitment of duty then all will come  in confidence . There I were observed  it in my family members .They were cool and confident . second side the medicine was  working very well so The father of My Mother was getting recovery and he was feeling better to past .

I was  stand in gallery of that hospital , there I were observed to other activity of medical staff or public .May be they were noticing to me because I was all time lived out to cottage room . ha ha..
We went in Hospital  in mid night and in morning of first day of hospital  , I saw a couple of pigeon  was sit  on window of hospital . that was net window so pigeon couple was out side of that gallery of hospital cottage’s . 

I shoot it on day one from gallery of hospital ...!

So there to I was started observation on two stories  . one was my family story and second side the pigeon story . every day I were watching in room of  the father of My Mother and then on window of that cottage gallery . first day the male pigeon was started collect to hard sticks for new nest  and female pigeon was collecting that sticks and designing to new nest on safe place or pace of that hospital building .
I were started observation plus photography too on that wild life future design in nature . one side my family is getting mental coolness because the father of My Mother was coming back in life day by day and other side the couple of pigeon was designing their own new nest and I were collecting visuals of that both stories  .

Step by step I saw growth of life  in human  life or in wild life . I noticed positive energy is care and create to positive environment for natural life on our earth. When we put our positive side  in critical condition  then we can get bright result for us after that critical  condition. I noticed it there in that 20 days of hospital .

day 20 of  my observation from gallery of hospital ....!

On day of 20, I saw doctor was gave leave  to the father of My Mother ( My NANA JI ) . and in window of that cottage gallery I saw a white age of pigeon in their nest , I saw  female pigeon was caring to her age and male pigeon was caring to female pigeon and to his  love result that was age of female pigeon . 

I saw the live example of relation or that’s caring system in nature system or in system of hospital . we know hospital is first caring center of our world family , there to we learn how to give respect to human and how to care very first when one person faced to pain in body or trouble  with body . so by luck I were in hospital and there I noticed to caring format about life and in wild life too,  but in wild life no doctor no hospital all are  depend on nature and the  nature care to wild life itself ..ha ha ..

Artist Jorge Azevedo updated this pigeon pic on his facebook profile image after observe to wild life story ..(Y)

In visual’s you will notice it ..

Because as a art master I was  observed it and here I said it ,  I was observed two stories in 20 days ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA