Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Art Vibration - 401

Caretaker give life To Music

Music it is a real key of refreshment of Human mind. it was started  on our earth with first human life. Music is very  impact full  medium about our life because it have a natural rhythm . we know our universe is running by support of a universal rhythm . this rhythm is everywhere around us or in us too . This  rhythm have a very strong connection to our souls, I can say rhythm is medium of souls connection on our earth Or in this rhythm format  music have very storing and clear rhythm . so it is very impact full on human life. 

Last month I saw a live and recent example about this talk of rhythm or that’s connection . My cousin brother master Mahesh Vyas . he have musical sense from his childhood age . I saw him when he was one year old , when he was listening to any kind of music in that movement his body was trying to dance on that musical rhythm . he got  music sense in form of god gift . 

Today his music sense is identify to him as a singer . he is busy in study + music study . because his soul sound ( Music sense ) is pushing to him in side of music or may be time want to design to him as a musical person of our nation . I can’t  say for future but today I am observing a care taker of music in him . 

Yes I said about a live example , that is it .last month  my cousin  brother master Mahesh Vyas was joined a annual function of his father office . there he was performed a musical song in his own voice. in same time he was recorded a very clear voice of officer com poet  of his father office . that voice was in format of Song without any music of  musical instrument . ( GOD GANESHA STUTI  in single voice ) .

Master Mahesh Vyas was not only recorded that voice,  after recording  he was created a presentation of that pure God  Ganesh Stuti on his computer ( CD Presentation with Images of GANPATI or GANPATI STUTI sound  

The Officer cum poet was sang his own creation of GANPATI STUTI . he did forgot to that after performed but when he was visited the CD presentation  of Master Mahesh Vyas he was surprising , because in clear sound he was listen to  his own creation of music in form of  GANESH STUTI .he got a art gift by master Mahesh and in return gift  he was gave a other gift to master Mahesh ( here to art was started work of art relation silently – but they both were not knew about it ) ha ha 

In this art exercise master Mahesh Vyas ( child Artist  of Music ) was cared to true and pure voice of a good poet or singer of our nation  . so it is work of care to art . we know music get life by recorder , no recorder then no definition of music for long life . so music is getting life by recorder . in  my view master Mahesh Vyas has done this recorder job by his special music sense , he was noticed to pure sound of a good singer and then he was recorded to that clear true voice and care that in digital format for future . 

We know all great singer voice is live in our world art family or in our world society by music recorders. it is true or acceptable point for us . 

Caretaker  Master Mahesh Vyas is gifting SHREE GANESH STUTI - CD presentation to Singer cum poet - Officer of His father office .
So I appreciate to caretaker work of master Mahesh Vyas . he was not only care to true voice of a poet , after care to voiceof a poet  he was created a presentation of that sound with digital images (  I were gave some idea of design because he was shared his creative work practice with me )  in a form of presentation or gifted to that voice maker ( I mean officer cum poet  of his father office  

So here I said caretaker give life to music ..


Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Art Vibration - 400

Art Sound Always live in 
Artist Soul

Painting of Artist Anjana Goel
Year 1999, it was  my final year of B.F.A. Painting Education at Rajasthan School of Art , Jaipur , we are eight  student’s in painting section of final year . when  our final exam was fixed in same time  our one class mate was leaved to B.F.A painting education on final stage , because the family of that classmate was fixed her marriage  on same date of our final exam of B.F.A. Painting . 

Yes I am saying about  my classmate  in  my view she is artist so Artist Mrs. Anjana Goel ( Before Marriage She was Agrawal ) . she was very young classmate in our final year class . she was  lived very silent with unclear   fear , she was not talked  to us because she was not talking to anybody . her silent nature was stopped to  her creative journey in mid way of  B.F.A. Art Education .

Painting of Artist Anjana Goel
We know creative sound always live with artist soul . that’s  big example is in India – Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur , he was started painting  in his 62 years age , he was lived to his creative art sound  in his soul continue 62 year and after age of 62 years his art sound  was came out in form of painting . His Painting is exhibit today In National gallery of Modern art gallery of New Delhi  and his creative art journey is a chapter in art history education . 

 This kind of art sound  I am observing  in this days in  my classmate  Artist Anjana Goel . last month after 16 years she was searched me and found me on online . then she was asked to me some question about Painting. 

Painting of Artist Anjana Goel
She Asked to me - How to I start painting ? how to I use color ? what medium is better for painting ? what I draw in  painting ? who can teach to me painting  you guide me and some more question like dot dot dot about art. 

Painting of Artist Anjana Goel
When  she was asking to me question that time I were noticed a true art sound and real art interest in her own voice . I felt she need real art way for her life journey . so as a classmate I were gave some simple art tips to her . I said you will not join to any art teacher , because B.F.A. ( four year education  have gave training of a art teacher ) education have gave sense of art to  you as a teacher of art.
I said  you follow to your soul sound and transfer that naturally on paper or canvas by line or color  and talked to me about  your trouble of creation and about  your inner art sense . 

Today Artist Anjana is continue working and she was started painting and talk me on painting matter time to time  on online .she was shared  some art visuals of her recent creation for  my visit . After visit to her art work , I felt her inner art sound is starting  re-journey for painting . Her block art sound is coming out by support of her line and color  on canvas . so it is a big achievement of her for a new journey of life with art sound .  in this journey her soul will support to her and we eight classmate are  committed for her art support in this art journey .because I know Anajna is a very strong contemporary artist of our nation  INDIA . 

Artist Anjana Goel
In here recent painting’s images -  you will notice it ..just like me ..and  you accepted it very first ..

So I am looking to art work of Artist Anjana in same level of Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur …!

May be Anjana  will get more maturity when she move with time in this art journey and her art work will give more heart touching feeling for  her art viewers ..its  my view , because I know to her art nature as a classmate and after 16 years she is in same mood and motion for her art journey , she have forgot to 16 years time gape after start her recent painting . because art sound is live in her art soul ..

So here I said Art Sound always live in artist soul..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Art Vibration - 399

I attend a Literature call of Sahitya Academy New Delhi

This Sunday I were fully committed with Sahitya Akademy Ravindra Bhawan New Delhi . The NGO Mukti Sansthan Bikaner was organized a Rajasthani Literature event with joint to Sahitya academy new Delhi .

I were received a invitation card in hard copy by  Crown courier , card Reg. Number 10  before  five days of that Rajasthani literature event. That event was organized at Hotel RajMahal Bikaner. 

At 10 am I were joined to that Rajasthani literature and till 6 pm I were there because I were committed with Sahitya Akademy or Mukti Sansthan for right promotion of Rajasthan I Literature . in three session I were listened to six Rajasthani story writer’s . they all were criticism on 24 other story writer of Rajasthani Language . it was plus point that Rajasthani literature event was run with Rajasthani language there they all were speaking Rajasthani language of different part of Rajasthan . so many different words and sound of Rajasthani language  I were listened to there . 

By luck in that literature event organizer was called me for submit a SOOT KI MALA  to joint secretary of Sahitya Akademy New Delhi . he is Mr. Shantanu ji .  it was  my presence sound in that literature event . so I am thankful for organizer of that literature event . 

Actually that Rajasthani Story based literature event was organized for study of other stories of Rajasthani story writer’s . I noticed six rajasthani story writer was  read to four rajasthani story writers story . so six rajasthani writer’s were read to 24 writer’s stories for that literature event .
There I saw some story writer was converted his  thought in critic angle , it was tuff job but they done it very well without any fear . ha 

After that Rajasthani literature event  I were showed  my presence by my Rajasthani writing in form of a critical Note on facebook wall page of myself . I were wrote Rajasthani after a long time  but I were wrote very well that one day live observation of Rajasthani Literature Event of Sahitya Akademy New Delhi . 

Here I want to share that Rajasthani note for your reading . sorry  I can’t translate it in English or Hindi because Google and other translator have no option of translation for Rajasthani Language or it is more critical because this language is not registered language in our Nation INDIA . but we are living to this language in Rajasthan it is our Mother tong ..so it is too much critical .. ha ha ..


साथियां आज मने नुतो हो साहित्य अकादेमी , रविन्द्र भवन , दिल्ली और मुक्ति संस्थान रे खानी सुं ! राजस्थानी कहाणी रे पेट तेवडियोड़े जलसे ने ऊँचे दर्जे रे रेन बसेरो राजमहल होटल बीकानेर रे माया राख्यो हो ! दिनुगे १० बजी सु लेर सिनज्या ५ ;३० बजी तक एक सार कई सत्र माया राजस्थान रे तिस कम छऊ कहाणीकार लोगा री कहाणी माथे, कोई छऊ , आज रा प्रख्यात राजस्थानी रा लिखेरा ( समीक्षा , टिप और आलोचना ) खोट कसर निकालने री हिमाकत करी ! काम दोरो हो पण पार गल्गयो अकादमी रे खेचळ सुं !
खोट कसर रे सत्र ने शुरू करण सु पेली बीज भाषण या फेरु इया केदा की कुस्ती रे अखाड़े रे नियम कायदा सुं अकादमी रा उप सचिव श्री शांतनु जी अंग्रेजी में जान पिचान कराइ ! फेरु डॉ अर्जुन देव चारण जी राजस्थानी में भाटे आगे माथो देवन री बात केता कहाणीकार री कहाणी री खोट कसर काढन रे काम ने इसोइज बतायो ! केने रो मतलन बिया पेली चेतादियो की अगले सत्रा में होने वालो कई है और कितो दोरो काम अकादमी आप रे माथे मंडियों है !
छऊ पत्रवाचका ने चार चार कहाणीकार रे कहाणी लेखन और बियारी कहाणीयाँ री खोट कसर काढण रो काम भोलायो हो ! छऊ रा छऊ लिखेरा पूरी जोर मसकत करता आप आप रा परचा मंच सुं बाच्या ! राम जाने बियाने हिम्मत किन लोक देवता या भोमियो जी सु मिली ? बेई जाने !
पेले सत्र में पत्रवाचन करण वाला दो कहाणीकार हा श्री चेतन स्वामी और डॉ नीरज दइया बीए पेलड़े सत्र रा अध्यक्ष हा श्री मोहन आलोक जी ! जिका आलोचना रे पेट वाह वाह केर काम काढण वाली कारीगिरी री बात सागे पेलड़े सत्र ने विराम दिनों !

दूजे सत्र में पत्रवाचक हा श्री मीठेश निर्मोही और श्री बुलाकी शर्मा , इये सत्र रा अध्यक्ष हा संपादक श्री रामस्वरूप किसांन जिका आपरे अध्यक्षीय बात माया कहाणी केवे किने और किया लिखी जे कहाणी , इरा कई टिप्स जेडा नुस्खा सब सागे बाँटिया !

तीजो सत्र जिको अंतिम सत्र हो बीमे परचा पढ़िया श्री मालचंद तिवारी जी और राजेंद्र जोशी जी , अध्यक्षता करता कहाणीकार मधु आचार्य जी कहाणी लिखण वाले बखत कई कई छोड़ देवनो चईजे आ बात कहाणीकार ने जे ठा होव तो कहाणी सात्री हो जावे इन सबदा सागे बिया अंतिम सत्र ने विराम दिनों !
आभार लेखक सुरेश हिंदुस्तानी जी दियो साहित्य अकादमी और मुक्ति संस्थान रे भेळप में आयोजित इये खेचळ रूपी जलसे रो !
तीनु सत्र में अलग अलग संचालक जी हां पेले सत्र में शंकर सिंह राज पुरोहित दूजे सत्र में नवनीत पाण्डेय और तीजे सत्र में चौधरी जी हा।

मान बधावन वाली बेला मने भी मंच सुं साहित्य अकादमी रे उपसचिव श्री शांतनु जी ने सूत री माला पेरवान सारू आवाज दिनी और मै बियाने माला पेरार बीकानेर री और सुं बियारो मान बधायो !

मने आज देश री सब सु बढ़ी साहित्य री संस्थान साहित्य अकादमी दिल्ली आप रे जलसे माया न्यूतियो और मने कहाणी विधा रे पेटे नीरो सारो ज्ञान राजस्थानी कहाणी विधारो करायो ! सागे सागे राजस्थान रे तिस कम छऊ कहानीकारों री लेखनी सु भी भेटा कराया आलोचनात्मक परचा रे तान और मने उक्सायो आज फेरु कई बखत रे बाद राजस्थानी में आप सु आज रे जलसे ने साझा कर सारू ! सो इन पेटे आज साहित्य अकादमी रविन्द्र भवन दिल्ली और मुक्ति संस्थान री मोकळी … जय हो …

एक चित्रराम रो गुट आज रे जलसे रो महरे कैमरे रे तान आप रे देखेण सारू 
But it is good think of Rajasthani language or that’s writers  they are  continue busy in writing work of Rajasthani literature . they are registering to Rajasthani language like a documents of Rajasthani Language in form of Rajasthni Literature . we can see everything in Rajasthani Literature  like poetry, story, article , doha , song, life history of great persons , translation and much more literature  like Hindi or English Literature .

Kind  your Information I were also wrote TEXT PHOTOGRAPHY in Rajasthani that is updated on  my facebook note page . and I did translated to MADHUSHALA ( poem of Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan )  in RAJASTHANI language . ( Danik Yugpaksh News Paper of Bikaner was published to my translated Poem Madhushala  in many week with different parts of that poem MADHUSHALA . so  you can see the natural interest of Rajasthani language in myself because I were started first pronoun-session with this Rajasthani Language . 

 So I were committed for Rajasthani literature event of Sahitya Akademy  New Delhi. 

Or here I said a attend a literature call of Sahitya Academy New Delhi …
Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA